Up until today all I can say is that I regret having not started playing this game earlier. Oh my, Payday 2, what a blast!

This game was released by the Swedish team of Overkill Software last summer, being the sequel of the firstly released in 2011 Payday: The Heist. I’m not going to lie, this game is mind-blowing and if you have a bunch of friends online who you can plan heists and robberies ahead for cooperation the fun just get limitless.

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Payday 2 is a first-person cooperative online shooter where you play as a member of a gang ready to heist around downtown Washington D.C. area. You can of course play alone joining the other 3 AI bots but these guys apart from defending you if crossfire breaks loose or suggesting tips to complete the mission won’t be of much help, in other words, you might end up doing everything on your own. The real thrill comes when you join up 3 of your friends and plan ahead for a particular heist or robbery picking up different roles, tools for the job and responsibilities.

During your different criminal activities, if you succeed, you’ll be rewarded experience and serious amounts of money, you can use both to level up your different skills and you can keep doing this in the way you want to approach the game, whether it’s more radically or blasting or simply keeping it quiet and stealthy. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety skill trees to perfection: mastermind, enforcer, technician, ghost and fugitive.

Heists and robberies are options available for you to make some hot cash, but there’re some other kind of missions like rescuing crew members, cooking some drugs and escape with them as well as infiltrating and stealing from the FBI headquarters.

Crime.net will be the platform you’ll use to search for new game lobbies or create them yourself. Depending on the difficulty set for each mission the rewards may vary and get significantly increased, so aim high if you want big bucks.

Another nice addition is the Safe House, this is basically your hide out, a visitable location where you can access crime.net, check your weapons and masks museum, practice shooting and rejoice in front of your vault full of piles of $100 bills.

Personal Thoughts

First and foremost, this is a cooperative game and by definition is nonsense trying to play it alone, the more confidence, integration and better communication you’ve with the ones you’re playing the better and funnier. Overall the game is great fun, it’s rewarding, challenging and adrenaline it’s its surname. Also you can find it out there for 15-20€ which from my point of view is no expense for such a nice experience. What do you think about it? Are you having fun after one year playing it? What do you still miss to be possibly included in future titles coming from the saga?

Gallery (thanks to: videogamer.com, incgamers.com, gameinformer.com & gamezone.de)

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