It was around 2005 when I first heard about this game (named Albatross 18 by then) even though it was released first in Korea and Japan around 2004. Ntreev Soft is behind all development ever since but publishers have changed a lot over the years (more than ten of them) nevertheless its fabulous essence and fun have been very well kept. Let’s get to business.

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PangYa is game almost unknown in Europe it’s in Asia and the USA where it gathers more players, it just remains hidden in the dark like an old and precious jewel waiting to be found. PangYa revolves around a casual golf simulator mixed with tones of manga animations where you compete with other players around the world in a set of different courses that may vary on difficulty.

The game itself its all about fun and customization of your characters, along the way while competing or just playing casual, you’ll find magical items and special equipment, like epic sets and whatnot that will improve your character’s main attributes: power, control, accuracy, spin and curve. You can also pay some of this items with real money or with the in-game currency (pangs), but some items need a specific level of experience or certain achieved statistics before you put your hands on them. You can also trade all these items with other players in the so-called lounge rooms.

Apart from choosing a character for free when you start playing, you’re also able to buy any extra character you want for 10.000 pangs, there’re also packs that include characters already equipped you can buy with real money. Caddies are also available for you to buy or just hire their ability, they’ll help you along the way giving you special tips and improving your stats for a better performance.

What makes the game so addictive?

It’s all about its simplicity and gameplay, being a massive multiplayer sports game you’ve also all this competition feeling surrounding you always that apart from the hundreds of items to be obtained and almost unreachable levels to go. Plus you’ve all the fun from the manga world in its animations, objects and overall design of the game. Gameplay mechanics are also fantastic making you able to accurately perform your shots the way you want. It’s hard to explain but a mix of nice stuff happens when you log in the PangYa world for playing a couple of courses.

Personal Thoughts

I’m loving the game every minute since I came back to it, it was almost 5 years I stopped playing it since last month I decided to give it a try back, it’s as awesome as it was. What I definitely love the most about the game is that experience of full customization of your character and way of playing apart from that addictive feeling of leveling up and going after those special objects or sets to improve as golfer. I seriously recommend you go give it a try, click here for direct download and let me know your first impressions. If you’ve played it already any feedback or shared opinions will be welcome as always.

By the way, if you want to search for me once you jumped in my nickname is ThermaL… see you at the courses pangyateers!

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