As you already know and after what in my opinion has been a long and unjust waiting for the true fans of the saga (as I consider myself), finally, next-gen GTA V is here. Rockstar Games‘ last title will arrive on November the 18th for PS4 and XBOX One, PC users will have to wait another two months for it, until January the 27th.

Even though it’s been a long wait and most of you, no matter what, will buy the game as soon as it hits the ground, let’s at least explain what’s coming.


New features and prices

Prices will be ∼59€ for XBOX one and PS4 and ∼45€ for PC (at least that’s Amazon’s prices today). Keep in mind this game was launched in September 2013 for PS3 and XBOX 360, now is up to you if this new revamped graphics, first person mode among its new features are enough to pay like you would for a brand new title. Let’s see what’s changes this new-gen version will bring and what’s nice about it:

  • Just a freaking awesome game – There’s not much to say about GTA V that hasn’t been said before. This game has scored top on almost every media specialized out there. It’s just a 10/10 deal as a videogame, 100% pure fun, wild freedom wrapped up in a wonderfully crafted “Los Santos” (featuring the real city of LA, California).
  • New visuals, effects and improved graphic system – The Rockstar team has put a lot of effort in taking as much advantage as the new generation consoles and PCs brought them to improve GTA V visually. Check out this video for a detailed comparison between old and new graphics:

  • Expanding experience – New activities, weapons, vehicles, wild life, denser traffic, improved new navigation system, more accurate damage system and polished weather effects have been added. Next-gen GTA V will also include more than 100 new tunes for its 17 radio stations as well as new DJ mixes.

  • New features and extras – If you pre-order the game now you’ll receive $1.000.000 to spend as you wish. The multiplayer level cap will now be raised to 30 also you’ll be able to transfer all your characters and progress from your XBOX 360 and PS3 to your XBOX One and PS4 right away. In addition to all these features we’ll be also able to switch to first person view for actions such as shooting and driving (something that has never been available before in GTA) which will improve our gameplay experience and in some situations making it even funnier.

Personal Thoughts

Let’s be honest, this kind of games are so good that make you even think twice about buying a 300-400€ console just to play it, so despite of feeling mad about Rockstar making you wait for more than a year you’re still eager to buy it and not even reconsidering paying 60€ for it. GTA is a win/win purchase, a game that will worth each and every euro spent, also the new improved graphics and bonus content are a nice addition. There’re rumors about some expansion packs to see the light in the near future, yet nothing official.

What do you think about this release? Are you going to buy the game or even pre-order it? Do you think it’s respectful for PC players to make them wait this long? Share your opinion with us and don’t hesitate on leaving any thoughts related to the GTA series.