I won’t lie to you, this is my favorite videogame saga and genre, so objectivity here will have to step aside. I play Battlefield 4 daily and Battlefield 3 just blew up my mind back in 2011, so forgive me in that sense if what you read next it’s not very balanced.

The important thing is that we do finally have a release date for Battlefield Hardline: March 17, 2015. The game was previously said to see the light around October 2014, back this summer we even had a chance to test the beta (you could call it the pre-beta, since the game got back under development weeks later) in which we could play one map (High Tension) and two different game modes (Heist and Blood Money). I must admit I really enjoyed it, maybe because by that time Battlefield 4 game experience was awful or maybe just because it was something brand new to test out with my friends.


What’s certain now is that Visceral Games don’t want to mess it up like DICE did on Battlefield 4 release one year ago, that’s why they’ve delayed the release of Hardline up to March, just to make sure everything goes smoothly. EA can’t stand another fiasco and certainly neither the fans would allow it.

I happened to have a chance to take the look at Hardline console version at Madrid Games Week a few weeks ago and it looked pretty sweet. The maps were really cool urban combat wise and the weapons handled alright, even though I’m a PC player only, I had a good time (something that’s not very common playing a FPS). In every sense it was obviously very similar to Battlefield 4, of course, but if you think about it, Hardline will be focused on urban environments, constant action shooting and adrenaline heavy game modes, something that makes it very interesting and addictive at the same time, despite its similarities to other Battlefield titles.

Personal Thoughts

What I think we’re all praying for as fanboys of the saga is for EA and Visceral Games not to commit the same errors that took place during Battlefield 4 launch and to take this extra 5-6 months to depurate and craft a beautiful game we can all enjoy since day one. I’m also sure despite last year’s fiasco fans still love the series deeply and will go ahead and buy this game no doubt, but they already warned that another failure of that size won’t be tolerated in the future titles to come.

What do you think about Hardline release? Will people buy the game right away or they’ll wait for others to try and listen to reviews? Will you get a premium account? I’d like to hear your comments down below, if you played the beta and you’re a regular Battlefield 4 player, you might have something very interesting to share with us all.