It’s true, some titles like Dark Souls are just simply too epic to be replaced, too overwhelming, there’s so much personality around that evolves the player to the point of not looking around for other titles alike. It’s simply so difficult for a new title to start a new way on the third-person role-playing games league on its own and shine on right after and that’s the tragic case of Lords of the Fallen.

Deck 13 and CI Games simply took Dark Souls’ “Soul” and wrapped it up in a different color and cheap copy shape, but what’s more disappointing, adding nothing new or relevant to the game experience that make gamers stop looking at it as a mere copy from the legendary saga.


What’s different from Dark Souls?

Of course the game has a bit of its own personality, apart from us being able to choose conversation dialogues that will change the story line slightly and some new combat moves and maneuvers, but that’s about it.

It’s certain that Lords of the Fallen, has its own hero classes: warrior, cleric and rogue, but the talents system that will define our character’s final build it’s very similar to Dark Souls, this had even a more complex and rewarding one. It’s nice that we can switch between classes by modifying our gear before a boss fight or certain encounters, that’s alright, but yet nothing new. Combat moves and defensive maneuvers are just the same, if anything changes, a few new moves for heavier attacks and invulnerability while rolling on the floor dodging enemies.

Potions, magical objects and epic gear sets are also available giving you a specific combat advantage depending on your attacking approach. The use of shields (bashing also available), one and two-handed weapons is also there, still nothing new comparing it to Dark Souls.

One of the few aspects of the game that really caught my attention was the atmosphere, locations and that well designed levels, such level of detailed textures and a gorgeous sound effects. Now, that’s something.

AI and other disappointments

From my point of view, what makes the game really dull is that sensation of having played a better game like it just moths ago and noticing that there’s nothing that attracts you to keep playing it for more than 4-5 hours. Another issue, if you want to call it that way, is that AI is not challenging at all, I remember that sensation of fear about dying in every single corner while playing Dark Souls, and I never felt that at all while playing Lords of the Fallen so far, maybe if so during boss fights, but that’s it. Also our character here seems to be much tougher which dissolves that sense of fear and constant challenge to keep alive even more if possible.

Personal Thoughts

It all comes to the point that if a company decides to bring alive a game like this they’ve to accept that your big brother is out there already pleasing the crow years before you were even born. That being said, if you still want to gain yourself a place in the market you have to innovate whether adding new stuff or reanimating some features from old classics, e.g. desmembration and gore like in Blade: The Edge of Darkness (a fabulous Spanish game from 2001 where combat system and hits registration where revolutionary for the era), cool death combos like in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, more ways of interacting with the environment, maybe even more races or superpowers… that kind of thing. What you can’t expect is the audience to bring you in with a warm welcome when all you’re offering is just a poor copy of an all time tenured classic.

That aside, if you’re a true fan of the genre, you’ll still enjoy the game as far as you don’t realize you’ve played this already and by then it was way funnier.

What do you think? Have you played the game already? Is there any aspects you like or dislike of it? Feel free to leave a comment down below. It’s a more than controversial arrive, that’s for sure, there’s a lot to discuss about it.

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