It’s definitely a special occasion for Rockstar Games, this past weekend they celebrated GTA: San Andreas’ 10th Anniversary and some cool stuff took place for us GTA lovers, some amazing sales and the re-releasing of San Andreas are just a few examples.


First and foremost, this Sunday they announced the re-release of San Andreas for XBOX 360 with 720p improved graphics as well as far draw on distances. In addition to all this excitement, a series of events will be happening in GTA V ‘s online mode: for a limited time there’ll be fan-created missions related to San Andreas, participating on them you’ll earn double RP and GTA$.

Also, while online free roaming, crates will randomly drop from the sky containing special t-shirts featuring San Andreas’ radio stations logos as well as cash and weapons. They’ll also include a 50% discount on all green clothing, BMX, bandanas and other items related to the old title as a tribute, plus discounts of 25% will be applied to lowered-suspension vehicle mods. They’ve even set up a photo contest, you can find all the information about it here.

But if you prefer to skip GTA V for a while now, move on and continue your adventure with the earlier era games like GTA III, Vice City or San Andreas you can now get them really cheap until November the 9th.

Personal Thoughts

Personally, I think is a great occasion not only to get your hands on a bunch of amazing classics from the GTA’s golden era for a few bucks, but also to re-awake that sentimental feeling of playing back San Andreas, title that from my point of view has been one of the best GTA known, if not the best. I still remember that sense of absolute freedom the first time I played it, those millions of cars, clothes, weapons, missions, npcs, locations, cities, etc. I definitely think this is a nice event if you’re a fan of the saga, otherwise you still can take advantage of it and get to know the other characters and games a little better.