I’m sure by now you’ve probably find you own way of keeping up with your notifications, how to manage or even classify them. Well, after a while now you might want to give this little guy a shoot.

You can have Pushbullet installed and synchronized in all your devices as one (smartphone, tablet, pc or mac) even on your desktop browser for push notifications. It also let you share text, links or any kind of media with your friends or colleagues at work. I know, Pushbullet have been out there for a while now, but the way notifications were shown was a bit crappy… until now, today they’ve updated the browser notifications so that they don’t disappear in matter of seconds, you can now also preview all the recent ones as well as set the app in a “do not disturb” mode for a period of time, it will get right back to work on its own after that.


Apart from all this you can also respond to text messages or even use the new snooze button to avoid being distracted by the app if you are bussy. I forgot to mention that Pushbullet is 100% free and available for all gadgets and platforms worldwide.

We all need to stay connected and updated, whether it’s at work, at school or even at home, we need to keep up with all our affairs anywhere and we need to do it asap to improve our productivity. I suggest you to give this app a try, or any other similar to it, in a matter of weeks or even days you’ll reckon it’s worth it.

I’ve tested it for a couple of days and I’m pretty happy with it, I like the looks, the intuitive interface and responsiveness. You might think you’re ok with Google Calendar and Evernote by your side, but this can definitely be a good adition to your productivity software. What are your thoughts about it? Would you recommend any other application that does the job better? Let me know what you think in the comments section down below.