If you haven’t notice already, you’re going to be reading a lot about the famous series from Ubisoft, not just because I deeply love them but because I think they really deserve to be treated separately from the rest of games and genres. They’ve awaken a cult to the stealth gameplay, a glamour and soul no other games have achieved, they’ve gathered one unified mind of gamers that are just desperately waiting for the next title to hit the stores just after they got the last one.

Now let’s take a brief look at what’s coming on November the 13th for the Assassin’s Creed Saga, shall we?

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In this new title you’ll be located in Paris during the French Revolution (1789-1799) during which you’ll be reincarnated in Arno Dorian son of an assassin who gets killed during his childhood, son after he is adopted by a family that is influentially related with the templars. His adoptive templar father is also killed and after this Arno decides to investigate eagerly on his dead, becoming this way, an assassin and raising through the ranks fast like once Ezio Auditore and Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad did. We will be forming part of history by participating in decisive events during the French Revolution, also, Arno will have a chance to keep investigating about his past meanwhile.

New Gameplay Features

And here’s where it comes the fun. Almost everything has changed, by this I mean, that we’ve new features in almost every single aspect of the game:

  • Phantom Blade – Apart from using our blades for stealth close assassinations, we’ll now be able to shoot them as projectiles for distance killing.
  • Parkour Up/Down – New movement mechanics have been added to the game so that we can scale buildings in each direction easier and faster.
  • Skills Purchase – We’ll be now able to choose skills from a tree that will let us customize our character in the way we want to approach the game.
  • Progressive Learning – Arno will learn new movement skills along the way that will help him overcome obstacles and move in stealth more accurately.
  • Taverns (Cooperative MP) – You’ll be now have the opportunity to join your friends online through the taverns. They’ll be located all around the cities, all you need is to enter one and check if any of your friends is playing a mission. Next, just send them and invite and if accepted you both will be loaded back into the last saved checkpoint to continue the mission together.

Personal Thoughts

All that’s left for me to say is that I just can’t wait for them to release it on PC. This game looks amazing, actually, it’s the first one of the saga to be taking full advantage of the next generation consoles, plus the plot, the atmosphere of that revolutionary Paris and a nicely crafted personality of Arno are very promising. All this along all the game new mechanics and skill system are more than promising features, it definitely well deserves to take a deep look at it. I want to leave you with this single player trailer from the official game owners at E3 so you can fully appreciate what we’ve been talking about today… see you in the darkness assassins!

Gallery (thanks to: britgaming.com, segmentnext.com, thexboxhub.com & gamespot.com)

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