It was middle 2011 when I last played World of Warcraft and since then, as far as I can recall, there has always been a lot of controversy related to it. WoW has been accused in multiple occasions for its extreme addition and absorption level, but regardless its monthly subscriptions figure keeps growing daily, just weeks away from Warlords of Draenor release it reaches the staggering  7.4 million.

Surely this means something, having not played the game for almost 4 years now I still can 100% assure you there’s no other MMORPG that can come even closer. WoW is and shall be king, anyone who has played it for a moderate period of time knows that alright. During its ten years of existance WoW has proven to be successful in all ways on his genre: extremely addictive, wonderfully playable, constantly challenging, beautifully crafted as well as designed and loyal to Blizzard‘s high standards of quality. All these properties have helped it to stay at the top where it remains today.


For those of you who are planning to give it a second or, who knows, a third chance, here’s what new features await you on this fifth expansion:

  • New Character Models – Some races will have improved graphics and textures, as well as new gestures and redefined models geometry. Also facial expression in some models is predicted to change.
  • Boosted Characters – You will be now able to buy a level 90 instant boost for a character of your choice, no race or faction restrictions are applied.
  • Word Event: Iron Horde Incursion – A new set of adventures as dungeons will be available for players to join against the invading horde, one of them will be located at the famous Upper Blackrock Spire dungeon.
  • Character and Class Changes – Quite a lot of stats and class-specific changes will be coming with this last expansions, make sure to check them out here previous to release.
  • Interface Improvements – Questing and tracking around the world will be now even easier with the new interface, there will be also including a new tool called “Toy Box” where players will be able to store precious items collected along their adventures.

Apart from all these changes related to statistics and visuals, the expansion will include new dungeons and farming areas yet to discover. Get ready to farm, quest and raid WoWers, your new piece of adventure is around the corner!

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