It has been almost six years now since I started playing Assassin’s Creed, I can not say I have finished all the titles, but yes most of them up to Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. There is one memory I recall with special nostalgia, and that is from Assassin’s Creed II, I remember those moments wandering around Venice chasing for the Borgias, that perfectly represented environment of the era, that so well balanced music… oh well, guess those feelings will not strike again that way, but do not take me wrong, I have loved each and every single title coming from Ubisoft ever since.

In this new part of the saga you will be under the skin of Shay, an assassin who has been betrayed by some other colleagues because at some point he was forced to kill some innocent people. After this, Shay, decides to keep up with his devoted allegiance to the order, but swears to hunt down those who dared betray him in the past.


It looks like controls, weapons and naval combat will be very much similar to Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag, just some new weapons and combat maneuvers will slightly change. It is also predicted to be the most dark and violent title from the saga to be released, release that is scheduled for November the 11th for both PS3 and XBOX 360.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity is also around the corner… will you have time for both?, start getting organized, because I assure you the experience will surely worth it.

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