I could start with a huge boring speech coming from my personal experience with computers, but not today. After years of customizing my PC via hardware and software for optimizing my gaming experience I ended up collecting some useful applications you might want to try out yourself. Here is a detailed list:

  • CCleaner – It helps out with your PC optimization, making your computer faster getting rid of the unused files, it makes your web browsing safer by getting rid of suspicious cookies and you will get in return fewer errors and crashes apart from enjoying a faster start-up.
  • System Ninja – It is quite similar to CCleaner, it helps you cleaning junk files, fixing minor problems and speeding up your PC in general.
  • GPU Shark –  This is a great application to check your GPU status (minimum and maximum temperature, fan speed and clock speed). Keep in mind that you have to download specifically the version for your GPU i.g. if you have a GeForce 660 you must download the version 0.6.6 in order for it to work properly.
  • RealTemp – It works similarly to GPU Shark but RealTemp measures the minimum and maximum temperatures of each of your microprocessor cores individually as well as the current clock MHz.
  • TuneUp Utilities – This is the most complete application of all mentioned above, apart from cleaning your PC it also helps you check your hard drive status, boosts your experience (you can switch into three different modes: economy, normal and turbo), tweaks, cleans up and analyse your computer for a better overall performance.
  • HWMonitor – As the name itself says, it monitors all parts of your computer (just as GPUShark and RealTemp but for all peripherals installed) showing your detailed information about temperatures, fan speed, etc.
  • Ma-Config – This is an online tool that scans your whole system and detects if any of your running drivers are out of date, suggesting you next where to find the latest ones available for download.

I really hope this little list will help you improve your PC health and performance. I will try to keep posting all kind of similar helpful ideas in the near future, so stay tuned.