When it comes to graphic cards there are six things that one has to take into account before buying:

  • Compatibility with CPU and other components of your hardware
  • Benchmark performance
  • Quality of drivers and software supported by the GPU
  • Card ventilation noise level
  • Power draw
  • Temperature ranges

It is true that like any other products, graphic cards intend to suit all different kind of customers and needs out there, it is also true that reaching a point of performance prices go crazy. Let us try to explain why the Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 970 stands out today in between all of them as the perfect choice.

Before anything, let us draw a general idea about what a GPU is and does. The GPU acts as the brain inside your PC, it is the one in charge of transforming all graphics so you can enjoy them visually in your screen. Imagine it like a huge processing unit dealing with millions of calculations, from rendering polygons to mapping textures. Nowadays, they are even in charge of physics calculations, attribute only CPUs dealt with in the past. Your GPU is simply the most important part of your PC when it comes to gaming, but do not make the mistake of paying attention to it as an individual, since GPUs need compatibility and equal strength emanating from the rest of the components installed in your PC (motherboard, RAM memory units, microprocessor, etc.). You must contemplate this as a whole, if any of this components is too old or low-performing, your system will suffer what is known as a “bottleneck” and your gaming experience will be seriously affected, regardless you having the best GPU on the market installed.


Now on with the GeForce GTX 970. As said above, games can get really bottlenecked by your PC, that is why you have to go for a graphic card that match the perfect combination between price and performance, and whenever you decide to buy one new, keep in mind that it should last you at least 2 years running well according with your PC performance level.

You should be already asking yourselves: Why the 970? well the answer is quite easy. At around $300, the 970 is a card that still outperforming other GPUs released by the end of 2013 that still cost $100 or even $200 more. Plus the card is silent, power-efficient, overclockable and excels at running most late 2014 games at 60 frames per second in full HD 1080p with even some settings on ultra.

Definitely the 970 is the card that I would recommend if you are in the middle of these two worlds: either you can afford it and you are just thinking on a super low and cheap PC or you have a big amount of cash to burn and want to aim for playing your games in a 4K monitor. If you are in the between this two budgets, you should definitely go for the 970.