Warner Interactive, Monolith Productions and Behavior Interactive have come across an excellent title and let me give you my reasons on this. First of all, if you are a Lord of the Rings lover like I do, you will not need much of any kind of reason to go ahead and grab this game, a simple YouTube review might suffice, but if you are on the other big group of gamers left you might want to continue reading.

This third person action role-playing game basically revolves around Talion a ranger who gets cursed and killed in the process (do not worry, I will not go over anymore spoilers). From the beginning, you will be wondering around Mordor on its early formation, searching, interrogating and killing all short of Sauron’s minions to go up the ladder to find the one that cursed you, so yourself and the elf trapped in between during the curse can rest in peace once and for all.


The combat system is amazing, if there is not a better word, it is reliable, dynamic, responsive, intuitive and hell, it really feels like you are ripping orcs heads off all the way. You will definitely agree with me that combat systems is a mix between Assassin’s Creed and Batman Arkham Series, having both flexibility and that massive mix of combos and crazy moves depending on the combat situation in particular. Also expect blood and gore fest, heads will roll and torturing kills will be on the menu, which is freaking nice if you are an orcs killing lover!

The music and sound effects during combats is simply overwhelming, maybe the locations could get repetitive at some point and lack a bit sophistication but nevertheless it is ok. The cinematics and overall atmosphere looks fantastic, sadly you can not say the same about orcs AI, not even uruk generals or orc war-chiefs act more intelligently that their minions and apart from a little system of streghts and weaknesses that is all you can expect from their little brain.

Apart from running around killing and interrogating orcs in order to find generals and war-chiefs, you can also go for the main storyline as well as plenty of side-misions that involve various challenges and stealth approaches. I have been playing for 8 hours wondering around and just completed the 4% of the game, so trust me there is much to be done in this epic open world adventure.

Even if you are not a LOTR lover or you simply do not care about it, you should give this game a chance, you will not be disappointed by any means. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a great game that has a lot to say still and of which we could be expecting sequels in near future for sure across all platforms, go give it a try.

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